Sacred Paint for Seals, Runes, Etc.

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If you are physically male, during the full moon when all waters including those of the body “bulge”, do your usual daily observance.

Have a vial, a very sharp, sterile blade, some red or black acrylic paint, and a clear quartz crystal that is small enough to go into the vial without taking too much space.

From thought alone, clear your mind.  Whichever being comes to your mind after this, imagine yourself in a compatible form, and imagine making love to them.

When you are very aroused to the point that you could imagine or may actually orgasm, cut the flesh of a finger of your receptive hand, and drop at least three drops of blood into the vial.

If it is taboo for you to draw blood from yourself on purpose, use sweat from your chest or back.

Put in the crystal in the vial, and then the paint.

Give it a good shake, and then reopen the vial to consecrate it with the smoke of incense.

If you are a woman, use your moon-blood whenever it is heaviest.  Whichever phase the moon is in matters, but only in that it is reflective of the phase of life you are in at the time.

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