Angel Oil Recipe for Protection and Angel Work

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Angel Oil This angel oil recipe should be used by those “knowing folk” from Jewish, Christian, or Muslim families for protection from negative energy from their family, to make peace in their home, and to not frighten others with too much truth.  Needless to say, though this is old Hoodoo, it’s dipping into Obeah too.  In the past, most recipes focused on the exotic spices and incenses of the Levant.  However, due to many new archaeological finds, we know much more about Canaanite, Phoenecian, and early Abrahamic/Hebrew faith than we used to.  The old recipes may work okay, but the new will work better, and I will tell you why.

The old Canaanite word that the Hebrew word for “angel” comes from means messenger.  The other descriptive words used for them over time framed the context of whether this was a messenger from El, later Elalion or Elohim and then YWH who we affectionately but respectfully call Jah, or a messenger generated/crystalized by a mystic.  The angels who made it into the Tanach and Book of Enoch were from Jah.  When a mystic gathered energy to form an angel, they fashioned a winged serpent from copper, and this became basically a fetish for that angel.  The formed angel could then send messages far distances.  Angels were also associated with eagles and vultures of the area.

Angels, even back in Canaanite times, were generally benevolent or at least if they were aggressive or destructive, on the side of creation and balance.  Demons were those who chose to rebel against the natural order.  This was futile of course, so they ended up serving the natural order anyway, just with mischief and a bad attitude.

It is this mischief and bad attitude that you may need protection from, growing up in a family where people are in denial that they are worshiping the Canaanite deity El, his wife, and one of his sons and that is if they are actually loving people who do not attempt to fight against the will of El.  If they are abusive, preaching that others are going to hell (Hel), or breaking vows without the consent of the other party or parties, or other things that were considered sins before the Canaanite religion turned statist, then they worship a demon called Beelzebub or Baal Zvuv (means Lord of Flies).  This being’s specialty is the pursuit of worldly victory to the point of obsession.  It inspires and encourages people to do bad things for seemingly good or holy reasons.

In addition to Beelzebub and other demons, you will have to contend with all sorts of mischievous spirits that evil thoughts and deeds have attached to your family.  Christians often call these “familiar spirits”.  Not to mention, there are alter dimensional beings who feed on negative energy, vampiric spirits, and all sorts that praying to a demon is not going to fend off, nor will ignoring them.

Your main protection will come from prayer and offerings to your Gate Keeper, but since you are surrounded in the physical realm in this life, it will help you to anoint yourself with angel oil.  It’s like an extra layer that is physically present on your body.

You will also want to use this oil on any Bibles or other spiritually oriented gifts you receive from others.  They may carry “baalzvuvian” energy that you don’t want.  If you want to make this oil specific or put a main guardian angel in charge of it, I recommend Pahaliah.  He helps us to discern truth from lies, and protect us from fanatacism or fanatics in a seamless way that won’t destroy our family.  In my experience, he very much likes offerings of the steam of sassafrass, ginger, oranges, and honey, and singing.

This angel oil recipe can also be used when working with angels.  By virtue of making it, you show that you are not arrogant and stuck on propaganda; that you are accepting Nature including the spiritual realm as it is, though approaching it from a Canaanite or Abrahamic perspective.  This makes it easier for them to communicate clearly with you instead of having to talk around more illusions than necessary.  Just be prepared for things to get really “old school”, and for more spiritual responsibility.  You may find yourself fasting without thinking about it, and find out that it corresponds to Jewish holidays that were also Kemetic or Canaanite holidays.  You may also find what you used to see as miracles, a matter of daily occurence.  It’s amazing how Nature works when we align with her instead of arrogantly attempting to force her to fit into our ego.  Stuff can happen once that door is open.

You should also use angel oil when you use planetary oils because it is protective without being overprotective.

Angel Infusion Oil

Angel oil made by Arden Keren

Angel oil made by Arden Keren

You will need:

  • 3 black peppercorns
  • 3 red peppercorns
  • 1 tablespoon clarified beef fat
  • 1 tablespoon clarified lamb fat
  • 1 tablespoon unhydrogenated palm oil (also called vegetable ghee)
  • a heaping tablespoon of myrrh powder
  • a heaping tablespoon of frankincense powder
  • a handful of sandalwood chips
  • a piece of gold or gold leaf
  • a piece of silver or silver leaf
  • a length of copper wire
  • 3 feathers
  • enough olive oil (preferably Israeli) to fill
  • a 1/2 liter jar
  • a black wool, cotton, or fleece cloth  (it should not be a mixed wool and linen)


After giving offerings to your Gate Keeper and guardian angel(s), prepare the ingredients on your altar.

Light some pleasing incense, and let some of the smoke enter your jar.  Then speak into it the purpose of the oil.

Add the peppercorns and then the other ingredients, each mindfully, except the wire and feathers.  Stir it well.

Fashion a winged snake from your copper wire and feathers.  Two should be the wings and one should be the tail.  Add it to the jar on top of the olive oil.(photos coming soon)

In this case, by the way, you are crafting more of a physical realm tag than a fetish.  It is a physical object and place for the energy to alight and then direct itself to the wearer or burner of the oil.

Give some smoke to the lid, and close the jar.

Wrap the jar in the cloth and let it stay in a safe place for 7 months.

You can adjust the ingredients to your sect’s traditions, but this is the basics.

How to Use Angel Oil

To wear angel oil for general protection from negativity from baalzvuvian people and energies, use three drops.  One at the crown/top of the head, and one on each shoulder.

When you, as a loving follower of an Abrahamic faith, must do healing work or service to the community infested with negative energy, or where people may have been traumatized by dealing with shady “believers”, anoint your hands and feet as well.

When contemplating or meditating on Angels, anoint your body at the afore mentioned seven points, and heat some oil in an oil burner.  Be aware that at some point, if you are prone to astral travel, you may be enlisted for various tasks.  Your energy or consciousness may be borrowed to help someone or to gain justice, depending on your head Orisha or deity.  It may seem a little scary, but hey, don’t call the angels if you don’t want to participate with them.

To give it as an offering use an oil burner or rub it on a pink candle and light the candle.  It is very helpful to do this during times of fasting, when you need their help for a specific issue.

As mentioned before, you should also anoint gifts given to you by possibly negative people.  Clear the items first with a cleansing incense or liquid preparation (such as Florida water), and then dab them with a little angel oil.  This will prevent the item from being a beacon for Beelzebub or any of his harmful companions.

Blessings and Ase!  🙂




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  1. I have palm oil in my cabinet. Could I substitute that in place of the vegetable ghee. It’s kind of pricey.

    • Hello BayouChick 🙂

      Thank you for your question. As long as it is the clear palm oil, it should be okay. Red palm oil would do the job, but it might show or stain if some gets on the clothes. Coconuts also come from palm trees, so coconut oil would work as well. Just be mindful that anything coconut is anti-pretension. In a situation where extreme politeness is in order, it may make it difficult for people to maintain their facades, and this may alert the smoother sort of wicked folks that something is attacking their glamour. It could make one less invisible to people one wishes to avoid or pass by unnoticed.

      Blessings and Ase!

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