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Someone Is In TroubleSometimes you have someone who is annoying or harassing you, and the only thing that will latch them off is divine intervention.  There are a few things you can use, like Hot Foot powder or Go Away Evil! spray, and protection workings, if they are an actual bad person.  Sometimes they’re not bad and don’t have harmful intentions though.  They’re just annoying and impossible to get rid of by conventional means.

Before you undertake this method though, be aware of the apatakis and legends of Eshu annoying or tricking someone to save them from an even worse fate.  The person who’s bothering you could be saving you in some way.  Where the line should be drawn is when the person is preventing you from getting things you need, stifling you, and ruining things because of their lack of boundaries.  Don’t pull out the big guns until you are sure that you’re defending yourself from someone who needs defending from.

Once you are sure that they are a real problem, and that you’re not being oversensitive or overly defensive, you should determine how far away from you they need to be.  Do you need them to just keep their nose our of your business?  To stop nagging you?  To leave town never to be seen again?

If you just need them to stay out of your business and away from your things, some Leave Me Alone oil should do the job.

Leave Me Alone! Oil

You will need:

  • a 5ml bottle, preferably the eye dropper type
  • 1 small piece of jet (lignite, azabache)
  • 1 small piece of quartz
  • (optional) 1 small piece of black and white striped agate if they are the sort with a short attention span who distract you and draw you into their confusion just to flip to the next thing
  • 9 drops of Eshu oil
  • 9 drops of rue infusion oil, or 3 drops rue essential oil
  • a small piece of paper that can be stuffed into the bottle easily
  • a consecrated pen
  • mineral oil to fill the bottle the rest of the way

If you want to make it very aggressive, then possible additions are:

  • ground black peppercorns or black pepper oil
  • red pepper or pepper oil
  • dragon’s blood powder

If you like the person, but just want them to be less annoying:

  • citronella oil
  • eucalyptus oil
  • cypress oil
  • pine oil

If you want them to feel sick every time they come near you, use both pine and sesame oil that has been warmed a bit on your Oya oil burner.

The ceremonial work for this is very easy.  Just mix the oil, consecrate it, and on your next Friday observances to Eshu, ask that he draw the borders between you and that person.  Be very honest with him about how the person is annoying you.

At that point, you would put the scroll, with the mark of Eshu the Guardsman and, “Stay away _(their name)_!” on it in the oil.  Then anoint whatever means they use to annoy you.  If they are constantly approaching you at work, you put a small dab on your work clothes or uniform.  If they are calling you too much, put a dab on your phone.  If they cock-block you in the club, put some on your club wear.

The Running Feet

At the other extreme, if you want to get someone to leave town, you will need:

  • an old, cleaned glass jar with a lid
  • a piece of good paper
  • a consecrated pen
  • the annoying person’s photo or some personal effect, bonus if it is a sock, stocking, a shoelace, or a part of their shoe
  • 1/2 cup of Four Thieves vinegar
  • …and if you never want them to stop running, a few drops of war water or very hot sauce, or Hot Foot powder, and some dust from their home or entrance

Again, you would bring this to Eshu.  During your Friday observances, write mark of Eshu the Guardsman in the top left corner.  To the left of the mark, write the name of your town.  To the right of it, write, “Anywhere Else”.  Then around the middle of the paper, write the person’s name, and that you would like them to go away.  I like to use a little rhyme:

_name_ as you wake and as you lie
Stillness feels like you will die.
Terrors rise if you will stay.
Peace for you is far away.

All your efforts come to naught
All you seed, wither and rot.
Lest you pack your bags and go
Nothing that you plant will grow.

You can make it more or less aggressive.  If you truly wish them well, and just want them to go away from where you are, you can put blessing symbols on the paper. 

Read whatever you write aloud before putting the paper in the jar with the four thieves vinegar and personal effects.

Then, take the jar to a body of running water, such as a river or the ocean, and toss it in.

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  1. Hi sheloya please to meet you, I am constantly being picked on by everyone at my workplace, can I do the freezer spell to get them all to respect me, and or leave me alone?

    • A freezer spell is not the way I would choose to go in such a case. Ice freezes things in place or immobilizes, and this may mean that people would stay in that workplace who need to go. In this case, I would deal with each person individually, based on what wrongs they are doing, while at the same time do other work to increase my status and discourage people from bothering me. I would also take a good hard look at self and take into account things I may be doing to invite mistreatment. It’s not blaming the victim, just being honest about the situation, and adapting in order to survive.

      For example, I am a somewhat blunt, assertive person…a fighter. In the U.S. I wore very little makeup, and tended to dress comfortably but classy. It was somewhere between Nigerian happy natural and goth. Then I moved to Israel. People here treated me as if I was a weak pushover, and would be shocked when they would find out they were wrong about that, a few times at the wrong end of my fist. Finally, a friend informed me that I was wearing the wrong “uniform” for this culture, and therefore sending the wrong signals. I was like a trap: a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I looked harmless, but I am dangerous. So I had to change my style of dress and ornamentation and makeup in order to send the right message about who I am and what the possible consequences were for messing with me.

      In some way, everyone has to do this. In an ideal world, everyone should be treated well, but that’s not how human Nature works. Humans are social animals, and those who didn’t grow enough of both empathy and independence of thought, form a kind of pecking order. You could find yourself being picked on for any number of reasons, and you should adapt and defend yourself. You are worth defending by whatever means in your power including witchcraft. Still, witchcraft is based on working *with* the forces of Nature, not against them.

      So use your wisdom with your witchcraft…and be merciless in this. They are not having any mercy on you, so you don’t need to have mercy on them. These are obviously people who only understand power. So feel free to use yours.

  2. Hi there. I live in a gated community and have had a home owner move in recently. She has cause all sorts of trouble for my husband who is the onsite caretaker his role is to keep the complex mowed, gardens tidy and General up keep of the community area which includes a pool
    We want this person to go away preferably back to her house where she used to live
    Can you help

  3. Hi Sheloya,
    I want my aggressive husband who is mentally messing me up to leave me alone and for us to separate. I need a powerful spell to get rid of him around me out of my life. Can you help me?

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