How to Remove Negative Karma of Group Decision Making.

In This Video,I talked about a simple powerful spell you can do to remove the effects of Negative karma or repercussions that can result from following orders or being forced to agree to do some evil acts by a group of people that you naturally would never agree to do…

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War Water, War Oil, and War Powder

War water, oil, and powder is to wreak destruction on your enemies.  Period.  Everything that goes into these things is primed to bring hell on earth to those who have wronged you.  Though your enemies may benefit and grow from their pain and sorrow, the point of this is not…

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Getting Started

Dikenga Cosmogram

Before you do anything involving African mysticism or magic, you need to get to know your pantheon(s).  Though later, you can incorporate others who reveal or have revealed themselves to you, it is important that your basis includes a concept of the Supreme (whether this is a Creator, Spark of…

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