War Water, War Oil, and War Powder

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K. Sis. Nicole T.N. Lasher

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  1. i have a neighbor is killing my cats i am a witch i try not to use dark but i have tryed talking to him call the police on him nothing is working could you as an out sider give me your thoughts on this a sister inthe craft. my e mail is [private] .thank you

    • I’m an eye for an eye, and believe children & animals should be protected no matter what it takes. [Edited by Sheloya: Though justice would be what it is, certain things should not be posted about in public. Such things should be discussed in a private chat anonymously.]

  2. how can I used all this what time

  3. Sheloya
    I came to UK in 2010. I still do not have status yet. The first solicitor was abusive to me because English is not my first language. She let my case be refused and did not tell me I could appeal it. I have a new solicitor for 4 years now and she hasn’t done anything to progress my case. She has also breached my data. The Home Office breached my data and contacted bad people to find me. Social Services took this information and released it to doctors, lawyers, psychologists etc so that no one will help me. They leave me destitute with no money and no way to survive. The last 5 years I have done Justice spells with no results. I tried Court Case spells with no luck. I want to do the War Water but I don’t know the names of the people in the Home Office who have done this. Any letters from them say On behalf of the Secretary of State and with no signature. And I cannot sprinkle anything because the Home Office building has CCTV camera everywhere. What can I do to make them suffer and get out of this?

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